The Maple Dragonfly Co | Woman Owned & Operated, MA

Artisan Shop With Handmade Macrame Knots & Products


 Artisan Shop Crafting Authentic Macrame Products & Home Decor For Home & Human

Founded in May 2021, the Maple Dragonfly Co is at an artisan shop specializing in crafting one-of-a-kind handmade macrame & handmade home decor items varying from jewelry & keychains to wall hangings & custom coasters.

Inspired by boho styles & designs, we believe in creating items from natural elements and only use 100% organic cord in our macrame creations so that you feel good about every purchase you make.

We understand that the quality of products, the materials used, & the attention given to custom orders are important - that is why every single item created is handmade with care, attention to detail, & with only 100% cotton. 

We value you as a customer & a shopper and welcome all feedback regarding our products. That is why our values are focused on transparency, openness, kindness & community. 

 Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with top-quality handmade products that you feel good about, that inspire joy, & that brings you back for more. Our business is founded on these four values.

Transparency - We will always be transparent with our products & keep you updated on any changes to materials used. We welcome feedback & strive to be the best in customer service. We will always help you and guide you in the right direction during your shopping journey with us. 

OpennessWe welcome open communication among customers, peers, & our community, always looking for ways to improve & refine our products for the better. As a small business in our first year of development, we are open to learning & growing from our fellow small business owners in our community. 

Kindness We believe that kindness is the root of a great shopping experience. We aim to spread kindness in everything we do, from conversing with our fellow peers, helping you choose the perfect gift, to listening & responding in kindness to all your custom needs. We focus on spreading kindness and positivity. 

Community We value our community & the fellow artisans, small businesses, & entrepreneurs that make it up. We don't believe in competition & are always championing my fellow artisans to succeed, truly seeing the value in everything they do. We love meeting new people & creating a sense of inclusion for everyone. 

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