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What is macrame? Macrame is the process of using a knotting technique to create handmade items, including textiles, home decor, apparel, & more! You can use yarn, cord, and rope to make macrame items. I specialize in creating handmade macrame plant hangers, lanterns, diffusers/air fresheners, keychains, wall hangings, and more! 

How to treat my macrame products? Macrame products should remain indoors. My macrame creations are made with 100% cotton - recommended to spot clean with warm water and let air dry. 

What materials do you use? I buy my materials from suppliers who use 100% cotton materials. 

  •  Other materials I use include Essential oils, Sterling Silver, Brass, Wood, and Metal.

What is the difference between rope & cord?  Macrame rope is considered a 3-strand rope that is twisted together. Macrame cord, however, is made up of 6 typically braided strand ropes and is thicker than cord.

How do I hang macrame? You can hang up your macrame off your ceiling or windowsill. You can use any hanger, hook, or clasp that you prefer to create just the look you are going for when hanging your plant hangers.

Do you offer wholesale or bulk orders? Yes. Please fill out the contact us form to begin the process.  

Do you ship products Internationally? Products ship to the USA and Canada.

How long does it take for an order to arrive? Shipping time will vary depending on the custom order. In most cases, it will take between 2-4 weeks. For other items, it may take 1-2 weeks. 

Do you accept returns? Not at this time. Each product is handmade and variances in color and length occur. 

What if a product is damaged? If a product is damaged, please notify me, and I will be happy to refund your money or work out an exchange.

How do you use the diffuser? My handmade diffusers are the perfect way to add scents to your fresheners. Use 1-2 drops (or more if you like) of your favorite essential oil on your diffuser to begin enjoying your lovely scent. You can reuse the same scent or rinse your diffuser with warm water, air dry, and change the scent to suit your mood.

Do you sell essential oils? Not at this time.

What size do the macrame plant hangers fit? My macrame plant hangers are made with a stretch cord that generally fits a large selection of pots. Think of them as a "one size fits all" option. However, it will depend on your plant and plant "fluff."



If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me!



Maple Dragonfly Co. is an experiential and product-based business focused on handmade plant-inspired goods. At Maple Dragonfly Co. we provide a creative escape through our community building workshops where attendees get to spark their creativity through hand-crafted products that they create themselves. Whether it’s purchasing an earth-friendly product or creating memories at our workshops, we exist to bring people together to share stories and build confidence through a new creative outlet.

Lovely words

"My name is Kayla, and I recently purchased a pair of your earrings at the Fall Fest in Hardwick. I wanted to take a moment to tell you just how much I love them and how many compliments I have had on them already. Your work is beautiful, and in times like these, it’s important to share that with people who create these pieces. "

-Kayla, Happy Customer

Kind words

"My plant-hanger from Maple Dragonfly Co is so beautifully made and adds the perfect accent to my plant. It helps hold my plant up where it can reach the best sunlight, the leaves can grow, and it gives me more space wile adding an elegant look that fits in with any decor. I ordered tan to fit my space but they have so many colors and different designs!"

-Rachael, Happy Customer



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